CiaoBella Labrador Retrievers                                                                         

JoJo was donated to St. Francis Service Dogs, Bentley was donated to Service Dogs of Virginia; Ellie, Abby, Bea,
Sage, and Jax were placed with Pet Therapy as a career in mind.
 The Boys                    "Chester"  " Twig"    
New Names              Hank         Jax
Meet Our Litter of Puppies in 2014 from Bella/Buddy:
 The Girls           "Brooke"   " Cotton"   " Heather"   " Magnolia "  "Pippin"   "Poppy"   "Sage"   "Willow"
New Names     JoJo           Maggie       Bentley         Ellie              Bella        Abby          Bea        Sage
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What's in a name?
We do not name our puppies. This priviledge is retained for you. Until they are placed in their new homes we refer to them by the color of their identification yarn,  which is placed around their neck on the day they are born. This helps us to keep a careful eye on their development. We log their weight daily and other important health aspects including their early socialization activities. All in an effort to produce healthy, well adjusted companions for your family!
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