CiaoBella Labrador Retrievers                                                                         

 CiaoBella Firecracker INDY Lights The Way
Rally Championship Pointed!
Registered Pet Therapy Dog, Complex Team Rating Via Pet Partners, Inc
Picture Wall:

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy at
5 months of age- she demonstrates fabulous attention

Indy hanging out with her
pal, Duxi, ( St. Francis Service dog in training).

Indy learning with her sister, Freedom ( St. Francis Service Dog in training) how to listen to commands even with loads of distractions downtown Roanoke, VA.

Indy loves to hang out by the
airconditioning vent!

Indy was awarded FIRST PRIZE in her class during the Raleigh, NC AKC Conformation Show in March 2017. She was also awarded FIRST PRIZE in her class during the Harrisonburg, VA AKC Conformation Show earlier that same month. She was just  8 months old in this picture.

Indy at 12 months old having passed the AKC CGC evaluation!

Conformation Stack, 8 weeks old

LOVE her Expression!

May 2019 she
earned her AKC BN
title and two legs of
her AKC Preferred
Companion Dog 
Title with two 1st 
Both Razzle and
Truffle also earned 
performance titles
during the same 
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Indy (top) at the Milk Bar, 1 week old
Indy 2 weeks old
Indy at 6 months old having fun in the rain:
Hi name is INDY and I am having a PIG OF A DAY on the farm....after all, what is a girl to do in a downpour with all those enticing water pools. I call it the ULTIMATE spa day with the mud application package much to the dismay of my Momma.
Indy at 15 months old entered three AKC trials and qualified in each with placements: 2 second place, 1 third place. Earned her 
What's in a name?
We do not name our puppies. This priviledge is retained for you. Until they are placed in their new homes we refer to them by the color of their identification yarn,  which is placed around their neck on the day they are born. This helps us to keep a careful eye on their development. We log their weight daily and other important health aspects including their early socialization activities. All in an effort to produce healthy, well adjusted companions for your family!
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Registered Pet Therapy Dog 
Complex Rating via Pet Partners 
( A/K/A Delta Society ) ​

Indy has already attained her Rally Master Title and is now on track to earn her First Performance Championship!
The daughter of our Meadow and  Endless Mtn's Give Me A Scotch  Carson was born on 7/04/2016. She is already a complex rated Pet Therapy Dog via Pet Partners, Inc, and continues to qualify at AKC trials to earn performance titles ( see below).
Her sister Freedom graduated from the service dog program of St. Francis Service Dogs. Her sister Lola passed her public access evaluation at just 13 months and is a Diabetic Alert Service Dog. Her sister Savannah has already earned her AKC Utility Dog title!!!!
Indy's Momma, Meadow is a complex registered Pet Therapy Dog, has earned advanced A.K.C performance titles with many FIRST PLACE awards, has been evaluated by over 27 A.K.C Performance Judges and has earned advanced A.K.C. certifications including the AKC COMPANION DOG TITLE and the RAE Title. Indy's Aunts ( Meadow's sister) JoJo, and Bentley are working Service Dogs who were placed with their human partners in 2016 by St. Francis Service Dogs and Service Dogs of Virginia respectively. Indy's Uncle ( Meadow's brother) Tank, is a complex registered Pet Therapy Dog, AKC Companion Dog, and was placed as the Canine Ambassador for the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. As such he lives on campus at Pearson Hall with his handlers. 
AKC S.T.A.R Puppy :
She passed her evaluation at just 5 months! 
AKC Conformation:
Indy was awarded FIRST PRIZE in both of her conformation show classes; Harrisonsburg, VA, and Raleigh, NC 3/2017.
AKC Canine Good Citizen:
She passed her evaluation at just 12 months of age.
Registered Pet Therapy Dog:
Attained COMPLEX rating via Pet Partners, Inc at just 16 m.
AKC Pet Therapy Novice Title:
Earned this title under 2 years of age
AKC Rally Novice Title:
Earned her title at 15 months of age.
AKC Rally Advanced Title:
Earned her first leg with a score of 96/100 with placement award completed her final leg with a score of 99/100.
AKC Rally Excellent Title:
Earned first leg with score of 99/100, second leg with PERFECT score 100/100 and 1st place, third leg with another PERFECT score 100/100 and placement!!!
AKC Beginner Novice Title:
Earned her title with placements, May 2019
AKC Preferred Companion Dog Title:
Earned title with several 1st placements and one High In Trial
AKC Companion Dog Title:
Completed her title with second place in her class!
AKC Preferred Open Obedience Title:
Currently in training to compete
AKC Open Obedience Title:
Currently in training to compete
RAE Title:
Has earned TWO RAE Titles
AKC Rally Masters Title:
Has earned TWO Master Titles
​Rally Championship:
Completed 20/20 required Triple QQQ's
Earned over 150 required points from RE/RA level
Only needs 73 more points from Master Level to finish!