............placing paws of joy into your arms!
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Our vision is ... 

... to produce healthy, English-style Labrador Retrievers with wonderful temperaments and working ability to join your family while promoting  positive human-animal assisted interactions.

CiaoBella Labrador Retrievers
(Italien=Hello Beautiful Labrador Retrievers!)

We are a small breeder and only produce 1-2 litters of puppies per year. As responsible breeders we ensure that the parents of our puppies have appropriate health and genetic clearances, and exhibit desirable temperaments. We work with a highly professional team to support our breeding program and aim to produce excellent results. We have produced puppies who have become successful Service Dogs, Medical Alert dogs, and Pet Therapy dogs. Our breeding labs are  "working" companions with proven abilities and our puppies are evaluated for health, structure, and temperament before they are placed with you. We believe in providing our Labrador Retrievers a high quality of life by having them fully integrated into our family. They live in our home versus a "kennel" and love to play on our 28+ acre farm in Troutville, Virginia, adjacent to the Appalachian Trail, and only 5 minutes north of Roanoke, VA. We stress bonding from the time the puppies are born. As such they will be raised in our home, well socialized, and engaged in diverse activities based on sound behavioral research to promote their development in becoming the perfect addition to your family.
We work hard to rear our puppies so that we can place paws of joy into your arms and hearts!
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We have met many extraordinary people during our Pet Therapy visits. We visit the elderly, the sick, the dying, children at school, and perform animal assisted therapy. We do not always see the full impact of our visits, but occasionally we see miracles unfolding in front of our eyes: a child has been revived from a coma, a dying person smiling one last time when the dog caresses her, a child excited to complete his painful physical therapy just to please the visiting dog, and a little boy overcoming his sensory processing issues. These stories and experiences are at the very heart as to why we breed these special companions. In the hope that they may be your best furry companion ever, encourage you to embark volunteering as a Pet Therapy Team, and to produce dogs with highly desirable temperaments for service dog organizations. 
Two of our Pet Therapy stories were published in the Pet Partners Interactions Magazine, Winter 2013 issue and also the Winter 2016 issue. 
               Star City Canine Training Club ( A.K.C. Affiliated)

We are active participants with the following organizations/clubs and consider it a privilege to have been accepted as members.

             Pet Partners


             Roanoke Kennel Club



 Our Pledge
We pledge to support 
Service Dog Organizations 
in Virginia, with puppy 
donations from our litters 
whenever feasible to help
people with disabilities.
We also pledge to support 
our community with free 
animal assisted activities
and therapy in class room,
nursing home, and hospital
settings. We routinely 
support Regional Hospitals,
Nursing Homes, Hospice 
Organizations, and 
Rehabilitation Centers with Pet Therapy visits. As a licensed 
Pet Therapy Team Evaluator by Pet Partners, Inc., Sybille volunteers her time to perform evaluations within the greater Roanoke area to enable more teams to do this meaningful and rewarding work.
A.K.C. Kennel Name: CiaoBella
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Breeders: Sybille and Mark Nelson

                              TheraPets of the Roanoke Valley, Inc.



We are pleased to have obtained the Avidog Associate status by participating in the
 Avidog Breeder College.
A.K.C. Labrador Retrievers
....the perfect addition to your family!