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Our Head Start Puppy Program
Broad and Positive Socialization Experiences Through The Sensitive Development Period 
Our puppies are usually placed at about 8 weeks of age. Head Start Puppies live in our home for an additional three weeks until 11 weeks of age giving them positive and broad socialization experiences as they are growing through their critical Sensitive Development Period.

Is the Head Start Program right for you? 

To find out, ask yourself the following...
Do  I have time to visit a lot of different places during this time period with my puppy?
Am I  able to spend most of my day, seven days a week, with my new puppy?
Can I handle getting up in the middle of the night to let my puppy out to use the bathroom?
Can I limit crate time for my puppy to just night time and maybe 2 hours during the day?
Can I engage my puppy for non-bullying playtime with other breeds of dogs?
Do I have the time  and skill needed to install the foundation of basic obedience?
Can my family and I be very patient with my puppy as he/she is learning to be with us?
Can I reduce the risk of my puppy having a traumatic experience during this critical development stage?
Can I teach my puppy good manners in a positive and motivational way?
Am I able to teach my puppy not to pull on a leash and take short walks every day?

If you answered "No" to most of these questions, our Head Start Puppy Program or hiring a personal trainer might be good options for you and your family.
Daily Activities
Continued focus on Manners
  • Clicker
  • Marker words
  • Name Recognition
  • Wait
  • Down
  • Sit
  • Come when called
  • Leave It
  • ​Load
  • Tug/Give
  • Retrieve Object
  • Meeting various people such as Joggers, Toddlers, People walking dogs 
  • Visiting different environments such as Trails, Sidewalks, Stairs, Elevators, City Neighborhood, Hospital Emergency Entrance, Department Stores
  • ​Experiencing loud sounds such as City Noises,Ambulance, Traffic, Construction
  • Being around and interacting with other Dog Breeds
  • Other Animals as needed
  • House Training: Indicate bathroom need
  • ​Sleeping through the night in a crate
  • Loading into a crate
  • Accepting of Grooming: nail trimmings, brushing teeth, bathing, brushing, cleaning ears
  • Attention on you
  • Politely accepting food 
  • Leash Handling
  • Traveling by car

Puppy will receive the following veterinary care support at our expense:
  2 weeks of age: Deworming
  4 weeks of age: Deworming
  6 weeks of age: Exam and vaccination by licensed Veterinarian: DAP-                                    Puppy; Deworming
  8 weeks of age: Exam and vaccination by licensed Veterinarian: DAP, 
                            Deworming, Interceptor, Frontline Plus Flea and Tick 
                            Treatment, Microchip placement
  8-10  weeks     : Eye exam by Veterinary Ophthalmologist and                                                  cardiology auscultation by our Veterinary Cardiologist 
  0-11  weeks     : Any veterinary support as needed to ensure the puppy's 
                            wellness prior to your puppy going home with you.