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AKC Breeder of Merit
AKC Breeder of Merit

Food, veterinary care, collars, leashes, bedding, traveling, blankets,
potty steps, exercise, training, safety,  puppy's name, dog registration, toys...
and the list goes on. We will help you by providing key information to you in weekly increments long before you will be picking up your puppy. We are also listing additional resouces on this page to help you get started. Know, that we have worked very hard at getting your puppy ready to become a wonderful life-long companion for you. We think you will be delighted in how easily your puppy will travel home with you, complete his potty training, sleep through the night, bond with you, confidently exploring his new home, and how much joy you will have in enriching his life by attending training classes together and exploring an array of fun activities. There is nothing like experiencing the UNCONDITIONAL love your puppy is bound to share with you each and every day! 
We highly recommend the following training and socialization resources in the greater Roanoke, Virginia, area:

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               Star City Canine Training Club

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"Dogs are awesome creatures in that they will learn to do anything for us that we have the patience and understanding to teach."  by Sharon Nelson
We recommend to all our puppy buyers to only purchase dog food with a high nutritional value and to research the product recall rate in order to make an informed decision. We can not and will not risk the health of our companions. We have successfully used Royal Canine Dog Food specially formulated for Labrador Retrievers and also Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance Dog Food. We have been very pleased with the results.
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Is it safe to enroll my puppy in training classes prior to him/her being fully vaccinated? 

The AMERICAN VETERINARY SOCIETY OF ANIMAL BEHAVIOR  ( issued a position statement supporting the standard of care for puppies to receive socalization before they are fully vaccinated. To read their official statement click here.
Critical Development Phase for your puppy: Up to 16 weeks of age- Sensitive Period 

The normal sensitive development period in a puppy has been scientifically stated from 6 weeks to 13 weeks of age. It has been determined that with early bio-sensor and early socialization activities that this period can be extended to 16 weeks. Learning opportunities during this period, or the lack thereof is said to either make or break our puppy's future! It is imperative for you to provide as many developmental opportunities as your can once you pick up your puppy: car rides, learning natural skills like retrieving, starting training behaviors like come when called, walking on leash, crate training, accepting grooming, visiting with MANY different people in MANY different places including interacting with other puppies and animals! We highly recommend to you to place your puppy in puppy daycare at least one to three days a week after he/she has been fully vaccinated, if you can not spend the majority of the day interacting with your new puppy at least until he/she is 12 months old.  It is important that you give your puppy two weeks at home with you BEFORE you start your fist puppy class!
Our recommended PUPPY reading list:
1. The Focused Puppy Book- by Deborah Jones- Exact instruction on WHAT to do WHEN 
2. How to Raise a Puppy you can live with- by Clarice Rutherford and David H. Neil
3. My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do?- by Turid Rugaas
4. Dog Sports Skill Book 1: Developing Engagement and Relationship- by Denise Frenzi
5. Dog Sports Skill Book 2: Motivation- by Denise Frenzi
6. Dog Sports Skill Book 3: Play- by Denise Frenzi