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AKC Breeder of Merit
AKC Breeder of Merit

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Puppy Program Choice:
We offer two placement options:
1. Placing puppies at 8 weeks of age or 
2. Placing puppies at 11 weeks of age. Is a Head Start Puppy Program Puppy the right choice for you?  

Puppy Placements include the following:
  1. We process and pay for your puppy's A.K.C. registration 
  2. Microchip Placement at 8 weeks of age by licensed Veterinarian
  3. Exam, vaccinations, by licensed Veterinarian week 6 and week 8, 
      Application of Interceptor Heart worm prevention, Frontline Plus Flea and Tick
  4. Extensive Eye exam by Veterinary Ophthalmologist
  5. Cardio auscultation by Veterinary Cardiologist
  6. Puppy Health Guarantee, Read More
  7. Proof of parental health clearances
  8. Trans-Formative Puppy Rearing, Read More
  9. Head Start Puppy Program (Only for puppies placed at 11 weeks of age), Read More
10. Overall puppy assessment feedback 
11. Pre- Paid invitation to participate in CBARQ ( Canine Behavioral Assessment &
      Research Questionnaire through The University of Pennsylvania) , Read More 

Puppy Placement Approval Process:
Our puppies have been raised from birth to seek human connection, enjoy challenges, and are ready to take on all of life's adventures with you. You must be prepared to give them your companionship, attention, and to provide enrichment to support their thinking ability. We want to make sure that our puppies are a good fit for you, your family, and your life style. We would like to hear about your expectations, why you think one of our puppies would be a good choice for you, and specifically how you plan to care for the puppy. Completing a puppy application speeds up this process. 

Service Dog Organizations: 
You must be accredited to receive a puppy from us.

Puppy Reservation:
Step 1.
Please email your completed puppy application to us.
Step 2.
We will coordinate a day/time to discuss your application via phone and answer any questions you may have.
Step 3.
Once your application has been approved, we will place you on our puppy Wait-List and extend an invitation for a visit with us even before your puppy is born.
Step 4
We will reach out to all families on our wait list to announce our breeding plans for the year.
Step 5 
We will reach out to our wait listed families in date order to inform of a completed breeding event. At this time we are able to share key litter information: Dam/Sire detailed information, Sonogram date to confirm pregnancy, expected litter birth date, expected go home dates and final pricing for the puppies. You can expect to pay a minimum of $ 4,500 for a puppy from our breeding program. Puppy pricing  within each litter is the same; however pricing varies by litter depending on breeding pairs. We will then build our tentative puppy reservation list.
Step 6
Once pregnancy has been confirmed, we are ready to accept puppy deposits from our tentative puppy reservation list. Puppy deposits are $600.00. If there are more puppies born than expected, we will then open up the reservation process to the next families on our wait list.

Puppy Selection Process:
We perform an extensive assessment on each puppy and evaluate them against up to 33 temperament traits (the evaluation model was developed by Dr. Gayle Watkins and entails components from Volhard, Booth, Guiding Eyes) . Puppies are evaluated offsite in an unfamiliar location to them. We have "strangers" to the puppies completing key interaction segments of the evaluation to help us determine traits. In addition we also complete a structural evaluation process and complete all the related veterinary health reviews. This allows us to identify the BEST puppy from the litter to meet your specific needs. Not all temperament traits are created equal. Some traits won't change and some may be modified especially before the puppy is 16 weeks old. There is no PERFECT puppy, only a puppy that is BEST for you.  

Puppy Limited A.K.C.  Registration:
All puppies are placed with "A.K.C.( American Kennel Club) Limited Registration".  This type of registration with the A.K.C. will allow you to participate in all A.K.C. events except "conformation". It will not allow you to register any puppies whelped or sired by YOUR PUPPY. It is a contractual expectation between us that you will neuter/spay your puppy. We recommend doing this once the puppy is at least 18 months old, preferable 2.5 years of age, to ensure proper physical development. The A.K.C. encourages breeders to use this option to avoid irresponsible breeding and almost all reputable breeders do so. We DO NOT sell breeding stock.

Puppy Pick-Ups:
Puppies will be able to go to their new home once they are 8 weeks old, or when they are 11 weeks old. We typically schedule puppy pick-ups over a long weekend ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday) During this time you will have an opportunity to engage with your puppy and learn a lot about him/her. We will also spend time talking through integration and transition points and review all applicable paperwork with you. Please allow one hour for us if your puppy is 8 weeks old and two hours for us if your puppy is 11 weeks old.
Head Start Program puppy families are invited to meet their puppy at 8 weeks of age, to designate a name for their puppy and to start the bonding process by engaging in specific puppy activities. 

Puppy Shipping:
We do not ship puppies. Airlines may offer discount tickets for less then it may cost you to ship the puppy within the United States. The puppy could fly with you right under your seat in the plane in an approved meshed puppy crate. This is much less stressful for the puppy than to be shipped in the cargo space of a plane. In addition we think it is important for you to meet your puppy's breeder and parents as you are making a long term commitment for your family.

Puppy Returns:
Life Happens! If at any time in the future you are not able to provide for the puppy you may return him/her to us. If you desire to transfer the puppy to another person it is a contractual expectation for you to inform us so we can track the puppy for its lifetime. The puppy shall never be sold at auction or placed in rescue. We care deeply as to what happens to our puppies.
Please complete our puppy application. This will speed up the process to approve you as a puppy buyer!

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