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Meet CiaoBella Tank Der Bengel, CD, BN, RE, RA,RN, THDN, CGCA, CGC
Registered Pet Therapy Dog, Complex Rating, Pet Partners, Inc. 
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Tank was placed with the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech on 8/28/2016 and as such lived on campus at Pearson Hall with his handlers until his retirement in 2021.
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Tank was born 4/25/2013 in our home as the son of our Bella and Tealwood's Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Buddy, who added an impressive pedigree of good temperament and soundness as well as proven ability in both conformation and performance to his background. Identified as a service dog prospect at age 7.5 weeks we donated Tank to St. Francis Service Dogs, Roanoke, VA in Honor of Ms. Linda Perdue. At 15 months of age he decided that he had enough of service work and wanted to come home. We quickly adjusted him to normal family life on the farm and started his formal A.K.C. performance and Pet Therapy training. Tank is a litter mate to our girl Meadow.  and a brother to JoJo the Service Dog. 
Mark says that Tank is the BEST dog he has ever had and they did everything together. He is a strong retriever and aches for any body of water! When it was movie night at our house, he readily crawled into Mark's lap and cuddled up so he could have a good comfortable seat! A-Million-Thanks go to the team at St. Francis who have done an outstanding job of teaching him fabulous manners! 

A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen Certification and Advanced:
He completed his CGC at 23 months with total ease! Shortly thereafter he obtained his advanced designation.
A.K.C. Rally Novice Title:
He earned this Title along with award ribbons by entering just three Trial legs at age 20 months!
A.K.C. Rally Advanced Title:
He took first and second place award ribbons while earning all his Rally Advanced legs at 26 months.
A.K.C Rally Excellent Title:
Earned his title with placement by entering just three Trial legs.
A.K.C. Beginner Novice Obedience Title:
He already earned two legs being awarded two first place ribbons in his classes with scores of 194/200 and 198.5/200! Finished his final leg with third place in his class.
A.K.C. Companion Dog Title:
Earned his title with second place in his class and two third place ribbons!
Registered Pet Therapy Dog:
At 28 months he passed his Pet Therapy Evaluation with his handler Mark,  and attained a COMPLEX rating! He routinely visited at Carilion Hospital and  with the children at the Minnick School