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CiaoBella HEROES
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." (Author Unkown)​
We pledge to support Service Dog Organizations in Virginia with puppy placements from our litters, whenever feasible, to become Service Dogs. 
In order to determine which puppy has the greatest potential to be successful in a Service Dog Career, representatives of the service dog organizations perform their temperament assessment when the puppies are about 7.5 weeks old. We always place those puppies to the Service Dog Organizations they think are showing the traits most suitable for success in this particular career field. On an average, service dog organizations end up dismissing between 40-50% of their puppies and as such we also expect that some of the puppies we placed will experience a career change. 
Our puppy donations are always made in honor of very special people who are inspiring us to continue our work. We feel very privileged to know them, work with them, and to share our passion of these magnificent human companions who add so much to our lifes! 

Honoring Peggy Law of Charlottesville,VA:

Peggy is the Executive Director of Service Dogs Virginia. Her exemplary leadership as a founder of this organization is truly inspiring having helped people with disabilities for over 15 years. In honor of Peggy we have donated BENTLEY ( a/k/a Heather) to Service Dogs Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, in 2014. 
            THANK YOU, PEGGY!


Click on Bentley's picture to see her on her service dog journey!
Honoring Jan Stice of Salem, VA:
Jan is a stellar advocate for Pet Therapy in our community. She has been a Pet Partner Team with her furry family companions providing Animal Assisted Therapy since 2002 in over seven different locations. Jan earned her Pet Therapy Evaluator credentials in 2004 and became a Pet Therapy Instructor in 2007. In addition she has been serving on the TAPAT ( Therapy Animal Policy Advisory Team) for Pet Partners. In honor of her tremendous volunteer efforts we have donated Jo Jo ( a/k/a Brooke) to the Saint Francis Service Dog Organization in Roanoke, VA, in 2014.
Click on Jo Jo's picture to see her on her service dog journey!
Honoring Linda Perdue of Roanoke, VA:
Linda is a retired school teacher who has served our 
community as the Pet Therapy volunteer coordinator 
at Carilion Hospital for the past seven years readily 
supporting the Pet Therapy teams six days a week 
including holidays all year long. Without her dedication, enthusiasm, and volunteer commitment it would not be possible for us to provide animal assisted therapy to the children and adults hospitalized at Carilon. In honor of her selfless dedication we donated TANK ( a/k/a ICY) to the St. Francis Service Dog Organization, Roanoke, VA, in 2013. 
            THANK YOU, LINDA!
Click on TANK's picture to see him on his service dog journey!
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Honoring Cindy and Tom Oneto of Roanoke,VA:

Cindy and Tom are the forever family of our boy "GUS". Because of their love for him and their compassion they have supported GUS on his career path to not just become a fabulous Pet Therapy Dog, but also a stud dog to sire wonderful Labrador companions. Two of his puppies were placed with Service Dog Organizations already, and numerous puppies are on the Pet Therapy Dog career track and one puppy is in training to become a facility dog. As a breeder we are humbled to have them as part of our CiaoBella family! In honor of Cindy and Tom we have placed ACORN, aka Kammy, yellow Labrador puppy with Paws and Affection, PA. in 2021. 
            THANK YOU, Cindy and Tom!